Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy thoughts

ideasoup: was so terrified of the IV.
tristanskye: but they cleaned you out, right?
ideasoup: oh yes, they cleaned me out all right. would you like a detailed account?
tristanskye: yes. hahaha.
ideasoup: first i got admitted to the pre-labor room. where, lying down on the bed, they interviewed me, then this intern came in and he said he was gonna take some blood sample.
ideasoup: so i said to myself, just close your eyes, breathe deeply, and you'll be ok. right?
tristanskye: ok. go on.
ideasoup: and then he ties this rubber strip around the crook of my arm, and he starts rubbing the soft part with a cotton ball soaked with alcohol.
tristanskye: oooohhhh.
tristanskye: then?
ideasoup: incredible, i said. i didn't even feel the usual ant bite (how my mom likes to describe the prick of the needle)
ideasoup: was so happy with myself for being such a brave girl, when i suddenly realized he wasn't beside me anymore (i'd opened my eyes to see him peeking out of the cubicle we were in). he was asking the nurses, "now what was i supposed to do with her again?"
ideasoup: "bc" ( blood count),one of the nurses says.
ideasoup: "oh, ok," the guy says. turns out he hasn't stuck the needle in me yet. grr. and so, it really hurt when he finally did. and when he was taking a while, i said to him "are you sure you're just getting a sample, and i'm not making a donation?"
tristanskye: bwahahahahahhaa
ideasoup: are you still there, or is this boring you?
tristanskye: am glad u still have ur sense of humour.
ideasoup: i tried.
ideasoup: then i got wheeled in to the OR, where the nurse said she will put the IV.
ideasoup: now i'm so terrified of IV's. have never had one, and they look like they really hurt a lot.
tristanskye: did it?
ideasoup: was told they'd have to put an IV on me because i'd not had liquids (since 11 last night) or food (since 8). then i was asked to untie my gown at the back and lie down on the operating table. the rubber felt cold against my back. i figured it really would have to be rubber because of the gore, the whatsits that come out of the patient during the operation *shudder*
ideasoup: then this man came in and started tap-tapping on my wrist. he was even humming.
tristanskye: :P
ideasoup: *_*
ideasoup: i figured he was the IV guy.
tristanskye: i didnt think it was going to be that complicated.
tristanskye: i thought they were just going to put you to sleep and then wham, bam, kazam!
tristanskye: u wake up feeling all happy
ideasoup: i was right! a little while later, i had to close my eyes, bracing myself for the IV.
ideasoup: you want me to continue the story or what? *rolling eyes*
tristanskye : yes yes please do
ideasoup: don't worry, i'm near the end of my story.
ideasoup: so he rubs an alcohol-soaked cotton on my wrist, and sticks the IV in. then more doctors come in, and they introduce themselves to me, as assistant to the anesthesiologist, assistant to the ob, the anesthesiologist, and finally, my OB.. at which point i pass out.
ideasoup: just kidding.
tristanskye: hahahahaa
tristanskye: you must have a whopping medical bill!
ideasoup: the anaesthiologist replaces the iv with anaesthesia, and i notice a mild pain shooting through one arm. then they told me that they were gonna put up my legs on the metal thingies (not stirrups, more like leg supports). ok i said, and i felt the cold airconditioning whip mercilessly on my privates as i was splayed all out, like dressed chicken being readied for baking.
ideasoup: " think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts," i said to myself.
tristanskye: *gritting teeth*
ideasoup: meanwhile down there, the ob's assistant announced that she will be cleaning me. i wanted to argue, "but i took a bath this morning, and i washed myself already!" no, i'm just kidding.
ideasoup: and suddenly, a happy thought finally came--the only happy thought i could muster at that i was worried that the ob's assistant will notice i was wet!!!
ideasoup: was scared she will ask, "why is she wet?"
ideasoup: and i won't be able to answer "because to be brave, i wanted to think happy thoughts, and that was the only happy thought that came!"
ideasoup: so with that happy thought, of *bleep* with A, i passed out.
tristanskye: bwahahahahaha
tristanskye: whew!
ideasoup: that's a true story. i swear!
ideasoup: i reassured myself before passing out, pain can be pleasure ;-)
ideasoup: when i told A that story, he guffawed.
tristanskye: hahahahaaha. men usually do
ideasoup: he couldnt believe i can be thinking of that in OR.
tristanskye: but am glad you are alright.
ideasoup: yes, my horniness saved me.
tristanskye: did they take care of your myoma?
ideasoup: nope, i'm afraid that's another operation.
tristanskye: it is huge?
tristanskye: maybe you shld get that taken care of before u start trying again
tristanskye: what did the doc say
ideasoup: it's too deep in my uterus. might schedule it with childbearing, if we come to that point. or i hope it goes away.
ideasoup: less than an inch big, i think. she says they're quite common.
tristanskye: whew!
tristanskye: it's hard to be a woman, huh.
ideasoup: yes, but in all that time i was in OR, all i could think of was A. poor A. he waited for three hours. nobody was even telling him what was happening.


Blogger marie said...

happy thoughts, happy thoughts. indeed, ha!

June 30, 2005 9:45 PM  
Blogger may said...

yes, yes, OH YESSS! :P at least now i know what works the next time i go into an OR.

July 01, 2005 4:58 AM  

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