Saturday, June 11, 2005

The empire strikes (and I'm) back.

it's been days since i last blogged. thought that being pregnant would be daily bloggable material. was wrong. i feel as boringly normal as i was before i was pregnant, only i feel heavier and bigger (cannot fit into most of my undies and clothes--especially pants). which isn't too bad, because every week i find an excuse to always shop, haha. especially for those empire waist blouses that look so ingenue on tall, slim girls but look so hopelessly fat or pregnant on me. well, i AM pregnant now. so i panic-shopped before they go out of style. they ARE so cute! so very sarah jessica parker. i already have four, as of the last count. three smocked and one with a sexy low-cut V neckline. am working out with weights so my arms will look toned even if my tummy's gigantic. which, by the way, my doctor said won't (usually) be till my fifth month. which means--the extra inches i've been gaining lately is nothing but fat, not yet the baby nor the baby stuff (yolk sac, amniotic fluid, etc). waaah!


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