Monday, May 23, 2005


bought two test strips, to make sure. but there they were--2 distinctive purple bands! will save the other strip, in case the doc wants me to retake the test.

texted my friends to get their ob gyne's numbers. got two contact numbers--dr. vergara's and dr. alog's. only dr. vergara responded, but the earliest, though, i could get a check-up with her was on friday, unless i drive all the way to makati or manila where she holds clinic from monday to thursday. but i can't wait that long! so i had to search my stuff for my old ob gyne's contact details--dr. alfiler is really good and i really like her of all the ob gynes i've had, but i'd not wanted to go to her because i didn't like her secretary. well, anyway, i thought i could put this aside and hope she'd already changed her secretary. it's been a year, after all.

sadly, it was still her old secretary. but she didn't sound all that bad, and she even said she remembers me (maybe because that last time i saw her, i got quite an earful from her for not going to the specialist as dr. alfiler prescribed).


yup. the two bands are still there.


2 bands. purple. check.


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