Sunday, May 01, 2005

Not my forte.

Tried painting yesterday. Had this concept in my head I wanted to try out so I can finally complete my reqs for FA 236--10 pcs. 4x4 ft paintings. Daunting!

Sadly, my first attempts didn't work. They failed, miserably. And I only came to terms with it after I've finished 1 can of metallic red aerosol paint on two 1x1's. (This project's SO expensive.) Good thing I am still way ahead of sked. But I really, really want for this to work, and soon, because: 1) I gave my word of honor to Prof Vinluan, 2) I can hardly wait to hold my first one-woman show and invite all my friends--old and new (like it's my wedding all over again!), 3) I only have the summer vacation to work on this, and 4) our living room wall is still bare and I'd promised A one of the 4x4's.

But A--ever the darling--said they didn't look too bad, when he saw the two studies when he got home last evening. That gave me hope.

So tomorrow I will have to go back to the hardware (and perhaps National) and do more research. It's a good thing I still have 14 more pieces of 1x1's to experiment with.

And I suppose I can still salvage my 2 experiments yesterday. Will look for some gold acrylic paint. That might do the trick.


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