Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I have a full sked tonight. Why is everything happening tonight?

At 6 pm, my friend Ambie is launching her new career as a curator at Alliance Francais with "INtroSPECTION", with big names as Napoleon Abueva, Pandy Aviado, Adi Baens-Santos, and others. I'm so proud of her, for adding yet another feather to her cap. As if being a multi award-winning visual artist isn't enough.

Last Sunday, Chingbee texted me for the umpteenth time reminding me of the surprise birthday party she's throwing for Booj, also scheduled for tonight. Had just replied and assured Chingbee again I'll go but will be late because of Ambie's exhibit when Agnes and Doody texted me, one after the other, to say that Raymund V had passed away that morning and was going to be cremated that night.

It turns out that they've organized a tribute for Raymund tonight at the UP Chapel and I had to text Chingbee again to tell her I will really be late at Booj's party because of this unexpected development.

So shocking and sad, Raymund was only in his early forties. And he used to be such a livewire.

One debut, one party and one passing.


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