Sunday, March 27, 2005

Morning breath

For the past four months I've been married, I have come to realize now that I am solely responsible for how my husband's breath smells like in the morning, i.e., that if I want his breath to be sweet-smelling like warm, freshly-baked pan de sal when I wake up, I shouldn't feed him anything with lots of garlic and onions the night before--eww!

There was one time when I went out with my girl friends shortly after Christmas. I forget now what I had for dinner, but when I went to bed late that night, I could tell from A's face when I kissed him that I had such a foul-smelling breath from all the onions that was in my dinner. I must have brushed my teeth three times, flossed till my gums bled and was already sorely tempted to drink the Astring-o-sol and yet it wasn't till the next day that the taste of the onions was gone.

When we were small, and we would kiss our parents early in the morning, our dad used to always tell us to magmumog (rinse our mouths) first, to take the "Dari Creme" out. How imaginative of my dad thinking the taste of one's mouth in the morning as something like Dari Creme spread.


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