Saturday, March 19, 2005


Funny how three months of being married effortlessly transforms a singleton into a smug married. Happily, the transition was not too difficult for me. Well, of course, I would have to admit there are days I wish I was back in my mom's house where I can wake up to the smell of coffee brewing and breakfast (my mom's special tocino, and oh, her yang chow!) waiting for me, or wish I didn't have to plan the menu, or think if it was already time to change the sheets, polish the floor, or disinfect the bathroom, on top of all the million and one things I have to do, decide and figure out. I also miss my old, cramped 10th floor condo unit and the dear old familiar clutter. But all that I'd have to live with now, gladly, all for each and every morning--still with a thrill--I wake up warm, safe and snug in my husband's arms. Married life is just so wonderful.

Images of Sangat Island, Palawan


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