Thursday, May 17, 2007


How to do a cover for an anthology of fiction for young adults? Outright I had already decided to depict a boy and a girl. The problem, though, was how. Will they be interacting? Will they be oblivious of each other? The scrapbook idea is something I've long been wanting to do, and I finally found a use for it as a cover for a UP Press book. I like how it gives a feeling of something voyeuristic about it; like you chanced upon somebody's open journal. I'm also very pleased with how the ring binding turned out, how it coincides with the spine to make it look unique when on the shelf. But it would have been nicer though if the book were thicker so it would not be covered up by all the info on the spine. Oh well.

Anton, sleeping.

Fast becoming my favorite subject is Anton. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful he is, especially when he is sleeping (but of course, you will understand my bias.) Did these two sketches right after I put him to sleep on two separate occasions. The one on the right is the older one, done when he was only 6 months and 1 week old. The one on the left (with the watercolor of my artwork for the Bagets cover striking through was done a month later.)