Sunday, November 06, 2005

unusually preoccupied.

i realized i have not blogged here in a really long time. have been blogging instead in friendster, because it's more accessible--i can send messages, check messages and friend requests as i blog. neat. although it has recently added this really stupid feature called "who's viewed me", which nobody uses anyway.

A's gone to davao, for a coverage. he'll be there for three days, then two days in pampanga. so i will be by my lonesome :(

shortly, i will be packing and driving to antipolo to pay my parents a visit and, consequently, save money on food and utilities (hehehe) for the next five days A will be gone. my mom sounded overjoyed on the phone when i told her. i can hardly wait to sleep in my old room. too bad G, my sister and former roomie, is in the states right now for a month-long vacation.

lalala. am nearly done with my paintings. just read about in in my friendster blog. if you are not in my friendster, then you're probably not meant to read it because you are no friendster of mine, lala.


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